If your church would like to invite Bishop Jack Wisor to give his testimony or to be the spark for a needed revival please feel free to call or e-mail him with any questions you may have.

Spreading the Word and Inviting Revival


God gave the Just For Jesus message to Bishop Jack Wisor. This message needs to be heard by all denominations and shared with all people. The testimonies of Bishop Jack Wisor, the church, volunteer staff and guests of the Just For Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach will encourage and touch the hearts of all who listen. These testimonies, the message of salvation and Jesus' commandment to help those in need can be brought to your church or organization.

There comes a time when we need to get back to our first love. The love of Christ and the hope He gave us on the cross. How often does the chaos of daily living and material things bog us down? Jesus wants us to put aside worldly matters and focus on Him - to become united through the Word of God. There are times when we need a spark, a revival to steer us back in the right direction. Bishop Jack Wisor and his message of Christ's love and His work on the cross can be that spark.



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