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_____ “What is Truth”     (1)                         @$150.00                                          x ____ copies                    $________


_____ “Face of Christ” (2)                             @$100.00                                          x ____ copies                    $________


_____ “What is Truth” (the series)  (3)          @$300.00                                          x ____copies                     $_________


_____ “IRA: A Watcher for the Lord”   (4)   @$  25.00                                           x ____copies                     $_________



Bible Studies also available:


The Fruit of the Spirit       (9 in the series)   @ $90.00                            x  _______copies                $________


The Beatitudes                   (9 in the series)   @ $90.00                            x  _______copies                $________



Hundreds of Bishop Wisor’s Sunday and Revival Messages are available on CD/DVD/Cassette. 

Email jwisor@windstream.net for a complete listing to be emailed to you or view them 

and order them from the website at www.justforjesushomeless.bravehost.net


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Bishop Jack Wisor

Just for Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach

14530 Route 28  Brockway, PA  15824

                                                                                                                                                  Or fax to (814) 265-0014

                                                                                                                                       Or e-mail to jwisor@windstream.net



Just For Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach wants to help each and every person in need. Through generous donations we have been able to furnish and upkeep all ministry outreach buildings. Utilities and household supplies are vital for running and maintaining our outreaches. Vehicle maintenance also puts a burden on the ministry. With your generosity you can help us give our guests an opportunity to better their lives and get back on their feet. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless.