If your church would like to invite Bishop Wisor to give his testimony or to be the spark for a needed revival please feel free to call or e-mail him with any questions you may have.


Bishop Jack Wisor is called by God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and live the life of Christ as Jesus taught us in the Bible.

Bishop Wisor is passionate about being an ambassador and champion for Christ Jesus.  He takes a stand for our Lord and Savior and the life that Jesus led and what Jesus taught.  He stands for our Lord no matter what the cost - through physical, financial, familial and spiritual battles.  

Bishop Wisor preaches the cross of Jesus Christ crucified as Paul did, with the same power and authority, through the Holy Spirit.  Bishop Wisor operates in the five fold ministry found in Ephesians 4:11, "...some apostles; some prophets; and some evangelists; and some pastors and teachers." 

He has a powerful salvation message; salvation is only found in Jesus Christ crucified and the wonderful, powerful work of the cross.  Everyone should come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but then learn to truly live the life of Christ and be ushered into the Kingdom of God.  

Bishop Wisor loves our Lord deeply and is always eager to share Jesus with others, to tell them of the unconditional love he found at the cross of Jesus Christ,and his strong desire to live out that love of Jesus towards all, no matter where you have been or what you have done. Unconditional.

As a result of the first passion of his life, Jesus - Bishop Wisor is passionate about helping the homeless, poor and less fortunate in our surrounding communities, states, nations and the world.  No one should be in want in our world today.  He has been caring for the homeless and less fortunate since 2003.  Loving and accepting all as Jesus does, no matter where they have been or what they have done, to give some their first chance at life.  To be the voice for those who have no voice, who are not heard.  To live the life of Jesus Christ.

Now his passions unite to awaken the church to the ever-growing need of the poor, the homeless and the less fortunate.  This is a message for all denominations and people.  It is in John 17:22 that we find the true prayer of our Lord Jesus.  "And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one." 

We can worship how we want to on Sunday, but Jesus wants us to unite together as one body of Christ, the Bride, His true church and fulfill Matthew 25:31-46.  That is going to be the most important thing to Jesus when He comes back and sits on His great white throne.  Did we truly give food, water, and clothes out of a love for Jesus? Did we bring in the stranger, or visit the sick and imprisoned? Out of a heart and mind that belongs to Jesus, out of a life that resembles our Lord's? Out of wanting to do His will and the will of the Father?

Not wanting to displease Him. Going into the streets, the hedges and the byways. Caring for God's children, just as Jesus did when He walked the earth. Now Bishop Wisor understands that not all churches are able to physically go out and get into the streets as he has been led to do. However, in those cases, he does covet your prayers foremost for the guests, the ministry, the church, supporters, staff and for himself.  Bishop Wisor  is grateful for the donations that are received in the form of food, clothes, household items, finances and any other items that can be shared with God's children.

Through the years that the Just For Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach Ministry has been in existence, a few situations have arisen with local townships and municipalities. Bishop Wisor has stood strong for the Lord and for His children and God has given the ministry victory over the township and municipality that attempted to prevent God's children from being cared for.

Bishop Wisor is the founding minister of the First Apostles' Doctrine Church.  He is the founder and president of the Just For Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach. He is the author of the book IRA: A Watcher for the Lord, with another book, Blessings Upon Blessings, currently being edited.  Bishop Wisor is writing a third book at the present.  

Bishop Wisor has had numerous appearances on television, radio and in newspapers.  The latest stories can be viewed here on this website. 

The testimony of Bishop Wisor will amaze you - ask him to share it with you. It will stir yor heart; it will convict your inner spirit.  If you allow it, it will inspire you to "lose your life" so that you might "save your life"....becoming truly Spirit - led, picking up your cross, sacrificing all and following Jesus.

By following Jesus and spending not much more than a few moments with Bishop Wisor, it is inevitable that he will guide you to see the sick, the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the homeless, the fatherless, the widow, the lost...this is who Jesus saw as the Church of the Living God, when He walked the earth...and the Church has not changed throughout the centuries.  

Bishop Wisor will take you on an unforgettable journey down the modern day streets of Nazareth.