Brockway Church

14530 Rt. 28 Brockway, PA 15824

Sunday Morning Bible Study 9:30 AM

Sunday Morning Worship 10:40 AM

Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday - Prayer 8:00pm

Wednesday Night Bible Study 7:00 PM

Just For Jesus Testifying Time First Monday of the Month 6:30 PM 



First Apostles' Doctrine Church


The First Apostles' Doctrine Church is founded on and in the Word of God - every word, jot, and tittle found in the King James Bible. The First Apostles' Doctrine Church will remain under the Apostles' Doctrine teaching as God leads Bishop Jack Wisor in bringing the Apostles' Doctrine - the spoken words of God - to life in a way to help all people and denominations know and understand God's Word in unity and a desire to search God's Word to grow stronger in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Apostles' Doctrine Church is a body of believers willing to support this work and ministry that God has given to Bishop Jack Wisor and to establish apostles, prophets, and teachers in the Apostles' Doctrine. This work will remain as found in Bishop Wisor's notes, tapes, and sermons henceforth known as the Apostles' Doctrine thereby forming the First Apostles' Doctrine Church established under the authority of our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ and His spoken Word. All teachers, leaders, and pastors can and will be ordained under the First Apostles' Doctrine Church teachings as established by Bishop Wisor through the power of the Holy Spirit as found in every word of God.

Qualifications for ordination will be as follows:

1. Total agreement that the King James Bible is the infallible inspired Word of God.

2. Total agreement to preach and teach the Apostles' Doctrine and bring God's Word to life as the apostles would have heard it.

3. In full support of the First Apostles' Doctrine Church and its teachings as established by God through Bishop Wisor and in agreement by the people.

The First Apostles' Doctrine Church is established on the very word of God and will remain under its authority. By no means will God's Word be used as a weapon or tool to gain personal or material well being.  God's Word (The Apostles' Doctrine) will be established and used to help all people experience Christ's love and forgiveness and to help all people to get their eyes back on or keep them on Jesus Christ, not man's laws or doctrines. [Ref. John 7:14-17]

Salvation - eternal security - is found only in Christ Jesus (The Word) and His ultimate sacrifice of love as He gave His life to cleanse us all of sin. This is our hope, our faith - God's Word. [Ref. John 6:63 and John 8:31]

The First Apostles' Doctrine Church and the First Apostles' Doctrine School will remain as named only under this teaching of God's literal words (The Apostles' Doctrine established by Bishop Wisor through the Holy Spirit in the year 2002) never to be changed or altered from now on and forever.